Welcome, my name is Joseph Lyttleton.

In 2005, following my college graduation, I set off on a project that would define my life for the next decade. For 10 Cities / 10 Years, I challenged myself to live in a new city every year in order to gain a varied experience, see more of the United States, and maybe pick up some good stories along the way.

September 1st, 2015 marked the conclusion of the project, after having lived all over the US. In the cities I lived, I saw America’s diversity as well as its defining homogeneity. We are a nation built on differing perspectives and unique passions that still, somehow, lead us to success, even in the midst of tragedy or hardships.

These cities were my homes from 2005 to 2015:

1. Charlotte, NC             2. Philadelphia, PA               3. Costa Mesa, CA
4. San Francisco, CA     5. Chicago, IL                         6. Nashville, TN
7. Seattle, WA                 8. New Orleans, LA               9. Boston, MA
                                         10. New York City, NY

For the time being, I’m in New York, still writing, still taking photos, and adjusting to life in one location. I have unknown destinations ahead of me, but if the opportunity to try somewhere new arises, especially on a new continent, I’ll be looking to take it.

Until then, you can find me here. Keep Reading.

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  1. W.L. Grimsley · August 5, 2009

    Your poems and the way you tell stories always reminds me that I do enjoy reading and sets a higher standard for me as far as my own writing. So many people I know (and surround myself with) have become so predictable, and even some of them have declined in their ability to write – which is an odd phenomenon to say the least. I can honestly say I could never predict anything in what I’ve read of yours in the last three years or anything about you that I’ve ever claimed to know.
    I regret that I didn’t get to know you better when I had the chance, but maybe I got to know what everyone gets to know in passing. I’m bookmarking this page in hopes that you’ll put more up.

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  4. jennschanz · March 5, 2010

    What a cool idea for a blog prompt: I love traveling too. Based in Chicago now, how about you? I blog alot about the people and places that make city life worth living, and the more I see, the more I want to see🙂

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  6. Neers · April 13, 2010

    lemme just say this, straight up! I LIKE!!

  7. Rock The Boat · July 3, 2010

    What do you do for employment? Do you just shit-kick and hobo it up?

    • lyttleton · July 3, 2010

      I get work wherever I can, retail for the most part. I’ve been known to participate in a medical study or three, and to write papers for college students. Whatever it takes to pay the bills.

      • Rock The Boat · July 3, 2010

        So the odd hand job too I guess. Well, at least with some of those medical studies you can get off-chops.

      • lyttleton · July 3, 2010


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  10. Jason · March 13, 2011

    Come to Spain, get out of America, Great Idea, love it it will be the future, travel work live. I love to travel but it costs, i am now tied slightly

    • karen · October 7, 2011

      I’m so envious!!! You are living my dream. I will make it happen soon-trying to figure out how to do it with numerous pets. Happy to follow your journey-enjoy your writing and your take on life. Especially like your sense of humor and matter of fact approach to nay sayers.

  11. timmy · October 23, 2011

    hmm…you’re not exactly “on the road” if you’re living in each city for year. don’t get me wrong i love living in different cities for longer periods too but i mix it up with 6 months new city, 6 months travel. do you get a chance to travel much??

    • lyttleton · October 23, 2011

      “On The Road” is an inspiration, but I’m not trying to repeat it. I travel by getting to know cities like the locals. 6 months is fine, and if that works for you, more power to you. But I like experiencing all 12 months in a place. If that doesn’t qualify as traveling to you, it really doesn’t matter to me. These are my travels, no one else’s.

  12. Johno · October 31, 2011

    Intriguing concept. I’m a much slower-moving animal it seems: I’m giving Seattle two years. So far I guess it’s okay. I liked your notes on doing the touristy stuff with an out-of-towner. I can relate. Seems like my whole summer was like that.

    • lyttleton · November 3, 2011

      Well, I hope your time in Seattle is good for you. Where were you before here?

  13. pointsthruprose · December 14, 2011

    I can’t wait for the book! I hope it’s in your plans..

  14. Sedate Me · January 27, 2012

    Yeah, I recall people used to do this a lot during the last Great Depression. I believe they were called “tramps” and “hobos”.

    • lyttleton · January 27, 2012

      We still are.

  15. Karen · March 12, 2012

    I am probably not your usual ‘demographic’, being, well, older, but I find your take on life refreshing and interesting. I found you through the King 5 news report tonight. You are taking your life into your own hands and turning your experiences into something of substance and meaning. Not many people even think about what they are doing in life. I wonder, what will your focus be for your book? People- places- individual experiences-something else? I have a completely different lifestyle; settled, married, grown children, but with that said, I have not lost my interest in the world around me, especially unique perspectives. I will continue to follow you along…..best of luck.

  16. Patricia · August 8, 2012

    This is such an interesting concept. I’ll definitely be skimming the pages to see how your making this a reality. It is definitely something I would love to do (I am currently giving myself a 1 year timeline on my current locale) but am afraid there aren’t enough interesting cities in Canada and I think I would have a fear of being friendless for long bouts of time.

    • lyttleton · August 8, 2012

      It can be tough to leave friends behind in each city, but you always make new ones. I’m not sure I’d recommend doing what I do (at least not for ten years), but it has definitely been the most interesting and educational way I could think of to travel.

  17. Michael · December 5, 2012

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  18. Coby · December 19, 2012

    Coby here, just stopped in to say Hi! and stretch my legs….ah, that’s better. “Talk” to ya soon, have a great day in Nawlins! As for me, I’m already daydreaming of spring! and one day retiring to some island with blue waters…

    • lyttleton · December 22, 2012

      I hope you get that island sooner than later. I’ve got your most recent letter but I haven’t replied yet. I think I’ll be moving out of my current apartment into some place new soon, so I’m waiting until I know for sure so I can give you my new address. Hope all is well.

  19. smatimeshare2 · January 7, 2013

    Very good article .i belive in faith and i love to travel also but travelling 10 cities in 10 years it maybe or maynot be, I have inspaired by reading your blog and starting to travel new palces from this new year

  20. Vincent · February 12, 2013

    what are your plans after 10 years 10 cities? have you planned further than that?

    • lyttleton · February 12, 2013

      Settle for a bit, write the book, then commence with traveling the world.

  21. Brandon Elijah Scott · February 21, 2013

    Very cool! Love the 1 part kerouac line! Would love your feedback on mine: http://www.eyeandpen.com

  22. Karen · May 19, 2013

    Been following along, since Seattle – are you tiring of ‘the road’ or are you still enthused? Have you started writing your book yet? I did a column for The News Tribune for a year in Tacoma, but now just blogging. Writing does take energy…. Love your essays. Hope all is well. xx

    • lyttleton · May 19, 2013

      I have been worn down by this project, though I’m sure most anyone would say that they don’t feel as revved up as they did a decade ago, so I guess that’s just living. I’m working on the book sporadically, but mainly that just involves making notes and writing down anecdotes. I won’t really know how the whole thing will piece together until I’ve finished all 10 cities.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Karen.

  23. Club Med Cancun · May 23, 2013

    Sweet pic of central park?

  24. Travel Origins · October 11, 2013

    Charlotte, NC is a fun place to live. Make sure you visit some trails in the northern part of Carolina. I’m sure it will beautiful around fall.

  25. HolidaysHub · December 21, 2013

    This is a Great Blog. I really appreciated.

  26. dylan · February 10, 2014

    Thanks for the great service at club quarters last night! those were some great fried pickles, good luck in the future man! -Dylan

    • lyttleton · February 11, 2014

      Thanks Dylan. If you head down to NOLA, I hope you enjoy it. It’s a city like no other.

  27. Phượt Hà Giang · May 22, 2014

    I have the dreams like this. Hope your dreams come true!!!

  28. Katy Nikolaou · June 24, 2014

    Very motivating concept! Hope they come true

  29. Rudolph · July 8, 2014

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    as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you.

    Look forward to looking at your web page again.

  30. G-Shock Watches Rangeman · September 23, 2014

    I don’t even know how I ended uup here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if youu are not already😉

  31. thesilentcacophony · March 3, 2015

    How did you gather up the courage to go for this? I’d love to know:D

    • lyttleton · March 3, 2015

      Haha, uh, I don’t know what to say. It wasn’t so much courageous as it was having nothing else to do. Of course, to follow through with something this involved and complicated, it helps to not have anything to fall back on. There was literally nothing ‘normal’ that I could have done as an alternative that would have been better.

      Thanks for checking out the site.

      • COBY TAYLOR · March 8, 2015

        Howdy from Coby, still stuck in Delaware, I hope you are well!

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