There are thousands of worthy causes to give to, and millions of ways to give.

You can start simple with Good Search (it costs you nothing).

I recommend secular services if you’re seeking to give money to a specific group, as I don’t like a religious prerequisite on receiving aid (though I realize not all religious charities demand a faith commitment).

Oxfam and Amnesty International are two excellent choices.  Look around, find ways to help those around you.


I am hardly a needy person and my 10 Cities in 10 Years project is not exactly what anyone would call “vital.”  But it’s something I’m passionate about and it can be a struggle to find the finances from year to year.  Please consider other worthy charities first, but if you find the idea of my project compelling and you want to help me achieve my goal, a small donation would be appreciated.

Donate at Paypal.

Thank you.