Count the days

In exactly one month, I will move to my next city:


This marks the 5th city in as many years.

Costa Mesa, CA
San Francisco

Beach 2

Two weeks after I graduated college, I left my hometown, the place I had lived for the entirety of my 22 years (excluding one summer living in Washington D.C. with a girlfriend), and began an, admittedly, ambitious journey (it sounds cheesy to call it that).  The rules of my new life were simple:  Move to a new city every year for 10 years, experience the far reaches of the United States (and hopefully other sectors of the world) and allow for a personal evolution.

Change is the word of the day.

This is not a travelogue (or Travel Blog).  This is not the seeds of a memoir.  I fully expect to misrepresent events, encounters and, most especially, memories.  I’m 4 years into this questionable endeavor and already my stories are far more interesting than they were when they happened.  Does that mean I’m embellishing the truth, or lying?  Possibly.  Not intentionally, if so.  On the other hand, we fully accept that time is often needed to more thoroughly appreciate and understand history, so maybe what I tell you now is a better representation of the truth than if you had been there to experience it yourself.

Besides, if you had been there, all you would have now would be your own memories, just as susceptible to revisionism and hacking as any other memory.

The other word of the day is Myth.

This is the beginning of a conversation.

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