Ginevra Queen

One bird comes and another flies the coop
If you don’t know what to look for, you might just believe nothing’s changed
The car’s waiting

Stand me up, stare me down, set me straight
I’m only now getting used to getting used
Fills me up with pride just to get your phone call and hear you desperately search for kind things to say about me; we are a grave of silence
The smoke is clearing, the house is gone; the car is leaving
I’m out on the curb and safe for another night

When I drink, the world drinks with me
When I’m sober, you sing about it
It takes 86 proofs for me to win an argument; it only takes one of you for me to lose

I’ve been bad to you and you’ve been of a quality that I mistook for good
A black and white photograph is your legacy to history
Your eyes staring back at me, kind to a fault, and the fault was all mine

Now that you’re gone, I’m writing about you
Anointing you Queen of an imaginary kingdom
but always careful to leave room for your own fictions
All my best stories begin at the end

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