Romance in Paradise

                Boys and girls in time together, like a dance, but
nothing so intimate, just sex
Angry at the world and capable of caustic remarks ever as precise as the piston punches of that fatherly embrace
Nothing so dramatic; White America still believes in the literary anti-hero
A figure in the distance, a romantic; a safe place
Kisses come and go, but bruises are forever
The details are hazy, but a Bible was involved, and swearing, and a loose interpretation of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the glass and a bottle
Leave it!
Sons want to love their mothers and daughters want so very much to be those mothers, only,
thinner, and not so beaten down
by life
It’s in between gasps that we learn to love

White America still believes in the Gnostic anti-hero, but
the details are hazy

                              And Black America –

Well, I know almost nothing about Black America