Do You Remember The Episode When Ross and Rachel Broke Up?

Ninety percent of life is context and you’re always out of it
An oblivion that is preserved with sugar pills and false noses
I stand to gain in your windfall or in your downfall
So I’ve given up on playing with predictions, while I’m learning to take the good with your sadness

We take all that we can get
Oblivious to the obvious, that fifty percent of the time the grass truly is greener
We both stand to gain exponential loss from this merger, only to walk away sitting pretty, and pretty tired of discussing dividends
Which is the pretext for our buyer’s remorse

Most of what I say is subtext; even more of what I don’t say
The flippant remarks and the bold justifications write themselves while my pop culture references are just there to salvage my lack of plot
It’s in oblivion that we get by
And after years of debt, it feels like blessings