Shedd Aquarium

Today was another beautiful day, and I took the time to visit the famous Shedd Aquarium.  It was one of their ‘Free Days’ and as expected, it was packed.  The number of people, along with the fact that everything is behind glass and very dark, made it pretty hard to get very many good photos, but I did what I could.  Enjoy.

First, some shots of the city and the museum campus, then the main event (alas, the shark tanks were too dark for any pictures, but I assure you, they were sufficiently badass):

Chicago from Shedd Chicago from Shedd (Bird) Full Circle On the Water Gravel John G. Shedd Museum Campus Shedd Ahead Water All Around Big Fish, Little Fish Bug Eyes Bulbous Fish Nemo Found Clown Fish Piranha Happy Eye Contact Reflections Turtle Turtle Nom