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If you know me (or read this blog at all regularly), you know I love the show, ‘House M.D.’  I am also an unabashed fan of the star of that show, Hugh Laurie.  His comedic work in ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ and ‘Blackadder’ as well as his novel “The Gun Seller” (which I have been personally responsible for selling dozens of copies of in my time as a bookseller) are just a few more of the reasons why I am a fan of this multi-talented man.

He’s also a versatile musician and happens to tour with a band of fellow TV actors known as Band From TV, a for-charity group that plays concerts of cover songs across the country.  Today, they played here at the Taste of Chicago for a free show and I went with the intention of getting Hugh Laurie’s autograph and a picture with him if possible.  Spoiler alert, I failed on both counts.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get close.  In fact, I did get the autograph of Jesse “Dr. Chase” Spencer (the other heartthrob from House) and I managed to get up close and personal, enough so for me to tell that doling out autographs was not Hugh’s cup of tea (a roadie explained that Hugh is ‘shy;’ maybe he is, or maybe he just doesn’t enjoy being barraged by fans.  Either way, I can understand).

All the same, I got some pretty good shots (minus one close-up of Jesse that the ladies would have loved, but that I somehow managed to delete).  In another post I’ll add the pictures of the Bible-Thumpers who were out spewing God’s Hate.  It was a well-rounded day.

Here are shots of the Band From TV performing (mostly Hugh and Jesse, though):

Band From TV Taste of Chicago - Jesse Hugh Feeling It Jesse Spencer, Fiddler Jesse Spencer Band From TV - Bob Hugh Mandolin Hugh and Jesse Jam 2 Taste of Chicago - Pirate Lady Pirate Lady Dances Jesse Went Down To Georgia Laurie O'Riley Applause Band From TV Bus Jesse From the Bus Hugh Standing Tall Hugh with Fans

After the show, I made some unsuccessful attempts at getting Hugh’s autograph (or a photo with him).  Hugh was about to disappear on the band’s tour bus (literally, a double-decker tour bus), but a group of überfans held up signs pleading for an autograph, using altered lyrics from “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.  It was a brilliant move.  Alas, while I was able to get some good shots out of it, I was not personally bestowed permission to take a photo with him.  Major bummer.

If nothing else, this shot makes me pretty happy:

Hugh Laurie, rocking the Grateful Dead shirt and looking positively House-ish.

It was a pretty good day.

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful pics! Hugh looks amazing as always ❤

  2. Hi!
    I came across your blog and saw these great pics of the BFTV concert. I’m one of the admins at and I’d like to know if you would give us your permission to upload your pics of Jesse to our gallery. Full credit would be given, of course. We completely understand if you say no.


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