Count the days… Again

In exactly one month, I will move to my next city:


How familiar this all is.

A year ago, I began this blog to chronicle the 10 Cities project, along with all the other random thoughts, ideas and events that make up my life.  As far as major milestones go, the 1 year anniversary of a blog probably isn’t very high up on the list (just between 10 Year Community College Reunion and 1st Anniversary of Prostate Examination), but a year is a year, and considering that my life is religiously measured in 365 days, it seems worth noting.

10Cities10Years so far has been a record of my atheism, my guiding principles, and my life philosophy.

It’s also been about music, movies, books and television.

And about Alcohol.  (Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol.)

Nearly 50,000 total views later, a few of my posts have managed to find an audience, whether it be for my skepticism, my poetry, or just my ridiculous life.  I’d like to think that my writing has struck a chord with some people out there in the anonymous ether of the internet.  I’d also like to think that women find me incredibly sexy, but sometimes we just have to keep on dreaming.

Here’s to another year.  Hopefully I’ll still be alive for my 2 year anniversary.  I think that’s the whiskey anniversary.

Who’s buying?

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