A Reprieve

I was starting to think Nashville was going to be my Waterloo.  But a job has presented itself.  A pathetic, low-paying job, but a job.

To be fair, I get pretty pessimistic in every city.  But there was a perfect storm of issues here that made this city seem especially hopeless:  Relational, Mental, Economic (national), Financial (personal) and Social (Nashville is a pretty isolating city when you don’t have a vehicle and don’t live in a lively area).

However, it looks like, at the very least, I’ll survive this city, assuming I can stomach this new job for long.

Survival is good… Thriving would be better.

We shall see…

3 thoughts on “A Reprieve

  1. Can’t thrive on the outside, there’s always the certainty of next year, that’s more than most ppl can guarantee themselves. Either way, thrive on the inside. Maybe its the year to return with a major push on the word. I mean who wants to write when its pretty outside?

  2. Your project was stunningly easy to find! I write here only because I have only one weekend left at work (I guess) and so was not sure if I would see you in person. I just wanted to say that I am in full support of this excellent project. Please feel free to let me know if I can assist you in some small way. – Serena

    • It was good to meet you. I have no idea when I’ll be around the store again (if at all), but I wish you good luck with your ‘real job’. I’m always blogging here and of course I’m on Facebook. Let me know if you have some writing you feel like sharing.

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