Fairy Princess

In the beginning
we exist as nothing,
and in the end.

I remember yesterday like it was you:
The trapeze high and saturated colors of your pink-lipped smile, curled into itself
and on fire

We drank lucent ribbons of dollar wines and silver liquors that existed in our minds
as answers to questions we could not ask but could not stop asking
and you, the gatekeeper of knowledge and loss
You drank without affect

I wrote words on glass walls that conjured you out of ancient sleep
The dreamless haze of the Freudian illusion, to believe in God or not to be
I needed you to know
the fallacious truths that I had once known

We shared a bed, we shared your drugs, we shared a night I don’t remember
We share a disease
We share a cure
but side effects may vary

The women come and go, you remain
a partition between past, present, future
An addled mind in the cosmic toy box that evolution and Higgs boson hath wrought
Stubbornly alive

You will eternally be
Sister, daughter, muse, lover