10 Cities Update

I want to thank everyone that stops by this blog regularly, semi-regularly or even just rarely.

The vote on my next city is still going on and will likely come to a close at the end of April.  You can vote on the poll HERE, where currently Denver and Seattle are (somewhat surprisingly, to me) leaving Austin and Portland in the dust.

If you’re a follower of this project, you can ‘like’ it on the brand new Facebook fanpage.

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And for my part, I’ll keep updating with my stories, opinions, poetry, witty bon mots and other randomness.  I’ve got a few writing projects in the works now, so I’ll likely post snippets from time to time.  I’ll warn if they’re overtly profane.

If you blog or use facebook, I’d love it if you spread the word.  Thanks again, everyone, for reading.

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