I guess I need to buy myself an umbrella…

After two months of voting and a great deal of word-spreading by many of you, the vote comes to an end.

The city that had been in the frontrunning for most of the vote faced a sudden upstart challenge in the last week and barely managed to hold onto its lead (to win by one vote).  And, so, my next city will be:


This will mark my seventh city, out of ten.  I have lived all over the country, yet I have never lived in the Pacific Northwest, so now I’ll be able to check that off my list.

The final totals were:

Seattle – 49
Austin – 48
Denver – 40
Portland – 33

(What happened Portland?)

You can see the totals of both polls here and here.


Even though the voting is done, don’t fret.  You can’t still be a part of this project.

On September 1st, I will land in my next city and start all over.  New city, new job (hopefully sooner than later), new apartment.

When I moved to Nashville, I specifically wanted to live on my own after three years living with roommates and/or a girlfriend.  I needed to recharge, to get back to the roots of the project, which is and always has been a solo affair.  No matter how many friends I make, how many people I meet, at the end of the day, this journey is mine alone.

However, as I look towards my next city, I am considering finding a roommate to move in with.  Preferably someone from the city who knows it and is agreeable to having their life align with the 10 Cities Project for a year.  I like living alone, it’s good for my mental and creative health to have my own space.  At the same time, there are definite upsides to living with someone.


If you live in Seattle and would like to share a place with me for a year, starting in September, let me know.  If you know anyone who might, send them my direction.

Time to start researching the Emerald City…

4 months and counting

Thoughts?  Excited for my move?  Pissed that the city you voted for lost?  Comment and let me know.

5 thoughts on “I guess I need to buy myself an umbrella…

  1. Beautiful city. Expensive…a roommate will certainly help in that regard. I am jealous of the move and looking forward to reading how the place inspires you.

    PS June 24th I arrive in Nashville!

  2. Oh!!! Another PS!!!

    Do not buy an umbrella. No natives use them. It’s “cooler” to wear some sort of REI rain coat. Only “tourists” use umbrellas, so I learned.

    • Good to know. I probably wouldn’t have bought an umbrella anyway, I hate the things.

      Look forward to hanging out when you make the move.

  3. Yes, I’m pissed that Austin lost by one point. 😡 Even though I don’t live there. Haha.

    I think that you’ll like it in Seattle. Everything is nice and green in the state because of the rain. And checking out the little islands in the Puget Sound is always fun. Great coffee of course, and comfortably cool weather.

    • Well, there is still a solid chance I could end up living in Austin after Seattle. Nothing set yet, but it’s still an option.

      I’m excited to see Seattle, have always wanted to live there. I’m sure it’ll be an adventure…

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