Everyone still here? Again.

It seems that the Rapture didn’t happen.  Again.

This is getting frustrating, frankly, because I need a new cellphone and I’m waiting for someone to disappear and leave behind a Droid.

Has anyone considered the possibility that the Rapture really did happen, but there are so few Christians who resemble anything like Christ that we just didn’t notice a difference?

“Who was Raptured?”

“Near as I can tell, just Jim.”


9 thoughts on “Everyone still here? Again.

  1. Um, Joe, it’s not supposed to happen till eight pm my time. Lol. Don’t know what time that is for you, but still, you’re early…You may yet get your Droid– Though I’d be careful of those too. They have some freaky commercials. I think the company is run by robots looking to take over the world.

  2. They even wasted $$ putting up billboards here in Costa Rica. I, myself, have my eye on the local preachers pick-up truck 🙂

  3. Supposedly, the sinless straight up disappear. The rest of us (the majority of us) are left to die by the millions in natural disasters until there’s nobody left.

    Not saying I believe it, just clarifying.

  4. hahaha I like your comment about maybe there are too few real Christians for anyone to notice. I’ve thought of this before

    • I’m 100% perfect Christan…never a mistake (accept spelling and gramar) and I’m still here. So i guess we were all scammed again!

      I wonder what that guy who lives across the street from me with his SUV wrapped in rapture sales pitch, he’s custom jack and signs in his yard is going to do!

      • Please tell me that *accept* grammatical mistake was intentional, because I’d love you for it.

  5. I just wish this rapture would hurry up and happen, because I don’t like waiting in lines.

  6. Good news, it will be October 21m 2011. There’s plenty of time for the faker and his friends to rake in a few more million before saying “Pops” once again.

    If you needed any more proof about the delusional nature of religion, I don;t know what could be more convincing that this rapture nonsense.

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