Random Video: Elephant Gun

I cannot describe how much I love this song.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I had even a smidgen of musical talent, I would create songs like Beirut.  It might be natural to dismiss this American boy’s Eastern European flourishes as pretentious or unauthentic, but once you’ve listened to his music I think its beauty and grace will overtake your critical posturing.

Besides, we all create art that emulates our most affecting influences, so why not Balkan folk music (is it any less authentic than mining British folk music)?

Plus this video is a giddy pleasure of mine.  I love the dancing.  I am, actually, quite a sucker for dance and love to watch masterful performances.  Someone take me to a ballet, I’d plotz.  Maybe not.

Good stuff all around.  Enjoy.