Drive; or The Art of Escaping

The broken air in her effervescence
made widows

Something to ponder on these endless stretches of caffeinated highways
Ghost stories and urban legends for the nattering void of empty thoughts
where faith blooms like stinging nettles
There is an art to escaping, but not if no one’s watching
Just drive, drive, exhaust the blood in our eyes, and drive
Nowhere to go
But if we salt our shoulders like Lot’s wife
we’ll only lose our luck
Just drive, drive
Tape decks and syrup stuck cupholders keep us in time with the rhythm
of cicadas and mother nature’s other failures
Three hours ‘til dawn and we’ve run out of stars to count
so we turn to tallying our infinite wrong turns
The open road is a liar, promising horizons but bringing nothing but mile markers
Hell is a full gas tank and a blank itinerary
Just drive
and tomorrow we’ll make due

I say ‘we’
but even in sunsets, my shadow never dances like her

3 thoughts on “Drive; or The Art of Escaping

  1. Hey — found WaPo’s article last nite (early this morning, technically), and next, your blog here when I was trying to find the WP article again to bookmark it. Now, I have both and I like that. Truthfully, I don’t much envy you, except for your (granted, forced) facility with finances and “stuff” (you’ll do more, I hope, for the overwhelmed!). Really, I did MORE than enough moving as a child to suit me completely (13 schools, K-12), however, the late national disaster seems to be thoroughly conspiring to put many of generations not expecting it on the road in similar fashion. It’s bound to be different when you are 50ish, rather than as a child, or as you are, in your 20’s. But suddenly, a lot of folks are seeing a similar page opening in their futures as yours has been, many not at all voluntarily either. So, thank you for your contributions to “marking the trail” for these “newbies” Sure, maybe it wasn’t your intention, and you may not be a believer, but . . God works in mysterious ways, IMHO.

    • Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. My intention was never to be an example, and I still don’t think I realistically am one. But if there are people out there inspired by my project, then I am happy.

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