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Well, it is June 15th, which means I am exactly two and a half months out from my move to Seattle.

I haven’t yet received my NFT guide to Seattle, but I’m beginning my search for a roommate already.  Here is the ad I’ve posted to Craigslist:

Roommate for September 1st – Be part of a unique project

This may be a bit early, but I’m putting my feelers out to see what is out there.

On September 1st, I will be moving to Seattle from Nashville. This will be my first time to Seattle, and the seventh new city for me in seven years.

6 years ago, I began a project titled 10 Cities / 10 Years, in which, for a decade, I move to a new city every year, find work and spend my time getting to know the people and the city. At the end of the project, I will write a book about my experiences traveling the country.

I enjoy living on my own, but for this move, I’m planning on having a roommate. What I’m looking for in a roommate: Someone who is interested in exploring the city, whether they be a long-time resident who loves the city, or a person new to the city who will be in the same boat as me. If I’m going to live with someone, I want to be able to hang out with them, go to concerts or bars, enjoy their company. It wouldn’t be every night, but at least a couple times a week (when money is available). In other words, not a workaholic that goes to their job, comes home and watches American Idol until falling asleep.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. I don’t like living with dogs, but cats (or other small animals) are fine. I’d enjoy living with a creative person, however that may manifest itself. I always pay my bills, have never been evicted or even been late on rent and would appreciate having someone who has the same sense of responsibility.

Again, this is for September 1st, looking for a year lease. I’m open to suggestions on what neighborhoods to live in.


So, now I wait and see what kind of nibbles I get.

4 thoughts on “Craigslist Ad

      • Not usually, because I haven’t been looking for roommates generally. When I moved to San Fran with a gf, we posted an ad looking for roommates because we couldn’t afford the city on our own, and that didn’t exactly turn out great (lived with 2 couples, one of which was batshit insane).

        But I figured this was the best way to get a roommate that fit me best. We’ll see…

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