Daddy’s Little Girl

baby, that man in your life is a thorn in your side
but by the time he pulls out, I’ll be gone, again and again and again
it’s simple to find a home wherever you are
when you haven’t been taught to want or need
but you are the consummate student
always at the knee of a lecherous professor
so don’t expect the world to ever feel as warm and safe as the womb that
sold you out

stay, if you must
the road never extinguishes, only your nerve
We are free
from love, from time, from miles of untamed growth and the imperial demands of living
and, yet, you still have a dream of fucking someone famous,
like masturbating to the sounds of your dad’s songs on the radio
and I know
you can take the girl from her home but you can’t make her a woman
if the only stars she’s ever followed were imploding on television

3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. This flowed like a song. I liked it. “so don’t expect the world to ever feel as warm and safe as the womb that sold you out” This whole piece revolves around that important lesson, to me as the reader. I quite enjoyed.

    Where is the best place to read more of your poetry? I have been reading more of the poets that I like lately because I am in a class that requires me to read and write and so far, reading some of my favorite writers of this generation has been successful at inspiring me. Send me a link or something.

    • I appreciate you reading and your interest. This is the only place I post original poetry anymore. If you want a quick link to all my poems, though, you can just follow the ‘Poetry‘ category for this site.

      • Awesome, I knew you posted some here, but I wasn’t aware that there as many, I mean it’s not a collected works I understand, but enough to sate.

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