Count the days… Again. And again.

Two years

I began this blog two years ago, looking down the barrel of my move to Chicago.  Now, two years and two cities later, I am once again counting down the days until my next move.

From San Francisco to Chicago, from Chicago to Nashville, from Nashville to Seattle.  The life of this blog has seen some amazing cities, and that doesn’t even count the cities I lived in before I had the brilliant idea to create this blog for the 10 Cities Project.

Charlotte ~ Philadelphia ~ Costa Mesa ~ San Francisco ~ Chicago ~ Nashville ~ Seattle ~ ?

I’ve spent almost a fourth of my life on the road.  It’s the only life I can imagine for myself.  The idea of staying in a city for longer than a year is almost claustrophobic.  I don’t know how the norms do it.

Yes, I’m ready to go.  Excited and anxious, clawing at the walls and slowly erasing every physical trace of my presence.

…til all that is left is the memory…

Still so many years ahead of me.  Not as many as there are behind me.