A Seattle Update

Three weeks in, and I have a job.  Not a record, but damn close.

Of course, the last time I got a job within three weeks it didn’t turn out so well.  But I’m sure this will be different.  Right?  Regardless, this means I get to keep paying my bills.  Which is good, because apparently people don’t like to provide services without being compensated for them.  It’s bloody vicious out here.

Also, early early early on Saturday (thanks Sis), I’m flying back to my hometown, Lawrence, Kansas for a couple days.  All five of us siblings will be there, along with my mother.  This is the first time we’ll all be together since the last time I was in Lawrence, two Christmases ago.  That didn’t turn out so well.

There isn’t likely to be a blizzard this time, and no one owns a cat anymore, so no impromptu pet burials this time.  It should be a smooth trip.  Right?

Also in attendance for this short trip will be my two little nephews, Jacob and Noah (my family has a thing for Bible names, what can I say?).  I haven’t seen them since that Christmas, which means they probably have no idea who I am other than a vague understanding that they have a third uncle somewhere out there.  You know you all have that uncle that you rarely see, the strange one who the family just hopes doesn’t end up on an episode of ‘Cops’.  That’s me!

Additionally, I have some big news to announce, but I’m going to wait until the details are firmed up before I blather about it here.

Anyway, this is me, Still Life in Seattle.

Just another normal year.

If any of my Lawrence friends and acquaintances read this, just know that I will likely be downtown both Saturday and Sunday night, and I never turn down a whiskey on the rocks.  Hint, hint.

Fuck hints, buy me a drink.

See you soon.  Or not.  Whatever.