So I Wish I Could Dance

There are a lot of forms of artistic expression that I have mad appreciation for but I simply do not have the capacity to participate in (some people would say writing is one of them).

Fashion, for instance, is an art form that I neither have the finances nor the facility to be invested in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect it.  In fact, I find fashion design to be very interesting and I admire those who bring a unique eye to it.

But the art form that I admire the most and have the absolute least skill in is Dance

Other than drunk and at a club, I do not dance, and I’m not sure what I do under those specific criteria qualifies anyway.  But truly talented dancers blow my mind.  Hip-hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ellen Degeneres.  Whatever, I’m impressed.

I don’t normally do posts like these, but instead of writing paragraphs displaying my ignorance, I just want to showcase some of my favorite dance videos that I’ve seen online.  If I found a genie’s lamp, I’d wish for moves like these.  And a pony.

(Give some of these videos a moment, sometimes the really cool stuff doesn’t kick in for a minute.)

The only reality TV I could ever bare, and here’s a couple reasons why:

Combining two cool artforms:

Because dance should be about freedom (and because I have a man-crush on Thom):

Oh, and this is random, but too fun to pass up:

By the way, This is Krumping

And dig on this while you’re at it.

2 thoughts on “So I Wish I Could Dance

  1. I love dance and am quite terrible at it too. My favorite show about dance is So You Think You Can Dance… even though I know I cannot. 🙂

    I found your blog from searching for this project after reading about it in a piece featured on Yahoo News about living well on 20k a year. I think it is quite cool that you are doing this 10 cities in 10 years project. I actually thought of doing something similar once but never had the balls (or big enough boobs in my case) to actually do it. /cheers!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the article and searched out the blog.

      As far as dancing goes, it’ll always be the thing I’ll only be able to watch in awe. There are people who can do things with their body that I could only dream of.

      Thanks for reading, I hope your boobs take you in the right direction.

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