10 Cities For Beginners

In the wake of a few bits of publicity, there has been a fair share of new visitors to the page.  Welcome.

I figured I’d use one post to clear up some misconceptions and maybe answer some questions that you didn’t have.

First off:  No, I am not a financial wizard.  If you are thinking to yourself, “Pfff, I could easily live on $20,000 a year, this guy ain’t so special,” then I must remind you that ‘ain’t’ ain’t a word.  And also, no shit Sherlock.  $20,000 a year is a reasonable amount of money for a guy with no attachments to live on.  However, my project puts me in a unique situation where I make the heft of that money in the latter half of my year.  This is where the smart spending habits come into play.

That is why the editors of these particular publications were interested in my story.  I assure you, it was not for my stock portfolio.

To answer the second most asked question: Yes, I am an idiot.  And a douche bag.  And a Taurus.  How’d you know?

I am also an atheist.  This makes me, by definition, a bad person.  I can’t help it, sacrificing babies to my No-God is such a thrill.  But don’t worry, I won’t run for political office, because I know you wouldn’t vote for me anyway.

I currently live in Seattle.  This is my seventh city.  If you want to know what other cities I have lived in, click on that “About” link up above.  If you want to know which city has been my favorite, I can tell you they’ve all had their charms and produced special memories.  If you really want to know which city has been my favorite, buy me a drink sometime and I’ll give you the unvarnished truth.  What can I say, I don’t like varnish.

I’ve been running this blog for about two and a half years now.  If you’re interested in the 4 years of the project before the blog, you’ll just have to buy my book when it’s all done.  (See what I did there?  Publishers take note, I’m already doing half your marketing for you.)

Let’s see, what else?

I am half-Mexican.  Don’t ask which half.

I do not know which city I will be moving to next.  I’m open for suggestions, but I’m even more open for donations of Jack Daniels.

I do not suggest you begin your own 10 Cities Project.  These years have been interesting and eye-opening, challenging and rewarding and they have helped me grow in so many ways.  But they have also been very isolating at times and I’ve dealt with my share of stress and heartache throughout.  The only reason I keep pushing on is because this is my dream, my ambition.  Sacrificing for your art is only worth it when it truly is your art.  There are a million ways to explore this world and to explore yourself, and most of them involve leaving your bedroom.

Find a path that keeps you fulfilled.

I feel like I’ve written a lot, so I’m just going to quickly answer the rest of your questions.







Almost never.

It depends.

God no.


No (but really yes).

How big are we talking?

Only if I see the money upfront.

I doubt it, but I’m not a doctor.



Well, that should do it.  I hope you feel better informed and ready to face the day.  Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life, and you’ve already wasted 10 minutes on this stupid post.  Personally, I’m ashamed of you.

10 thoughts on “10 Cities For Beginners

  1. You are my new hero for the next five minutes. I was directed here from yahoo. But your blog made me smile. I never read blogs. Ever. Alias, thank you for the needed smile. It’s nice to see a likeness every once in awhile.

    • Five minutes is sufficient. Thanks for stopping by, even if only for just this once.

  2. Hey could you do a post about how you are able to find jobs so quickly? I know you say you are no financial guru, but you obviously have a knack for being resourceful. It would be great to hear anything you have learned so far about the best ways to find any source of income as quickly as possible. As I’m writing this I just realized you may have already done so but I haven’t read all of the archives yet, so if you’ve already touched on this just point me to the place.

    • This is what I like about you: You write as the person you are. Simple. Straightforward. No censor. It’s my writing style, too. More writers need to adopt this strategy.

      Keep it up. Good shit.

      • Thanks man, I appreciate that. I just write as honestly I can. I took a peek at your site, it looks like you probably have some interesting info for my time out West, I’ll have to check it out more.

    • To be honest, I don’t have any original tips for finding work. Apply, call, make connections, look on Craigslist. I’ve struggled to find work just like everyone else, and usually the job I’ve gotten was the last one I thought I’d get.

      The closest I can get to giving you tips is a post I wrote awhile back about the little odd things I do to make cash while I don’t have a job, Make Money Quick!”. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s the best I can do for you.

  3. I read your story from yahoo. What drew me to the article was not the fact that I find living on $20,000 annually an impressive feat (that is already quite luxurious by my standards and I earn less), but the fact that I would have made similar answers to those questions!

    Anyway I applaud what you are doing. I wish I am bold enough to pursue my own passion. Keep it up and more power to you!

    • I agree with you, the $20,000 living isn’t all that impressive to me, either. It just seems like a natural way to live. I hope you do pursue your passion, and thanks for reading.

  4. I guess in America living on $20,000 a year is already a challenge, but from where I’m from, where the cost of living is way lower, that is already a little extravagant. Question: Do you only limit the city you transfer to within the US, or have you considered living abroad?

    • The project is 10 US cities. When I’m done with it, I plan to do lots of traveling abroad, but for now, I’m staying stateside.

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