A Face for Radio

Well, a little more press to mention.  I swear to God this blog isn’t going to turn into a depository for news clippings.  I will get back to writing about drunks and strangers I meet on the bus, soon.

But this is what’s going on in  my life right now, and this is a blog (sorry about that), so I feel this is pertinent.

I did a radio interview early this morning for local Seattle station 97.3 KIRO and they’ve now posted the full interview online with both the audio and the video (how dense am I?  I didn’t even realize they were videoing).  You can hear and see it all, along with a brief write-up, right here:

Seattle seventh on man’s quest to live in 10 cities in 10 years

The story says I’ve been here in Seattle for 3 months, while you, my loyal readers (all ten of you) know that I’ve only been here a month.  Just a typo, nothing to worry about.

Video below.  Now you know what I look and sound like.  Nope, I’m not black.

3 thoughts on “A Face for Radio

  1. I think it’s great you’re getting some focus for what you are doing. I’m sure that is the point, in some way, so it’s good and I feel your heart is in the right place so I’m sure a lot of good will come of this experience, this goal of 10 cities in 10 years. What I really like about reading your blog so far is how it completely sidelines my natural cynical state and instills hope in my mind.

    I’m not saying you don’t have clearly defined goals or objectives because it seems you do, (but it also sounds like you can appreciate the value of just letting go and finding your way naturally), but I know that these 10 years will result in an enormous well of experience for you and that will inform you and your creativity for the rest of your life. Who knows how many awesome books, articles, etc., will come out of you as a result of this. Keep it up.

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