A Friendly Visit

Well, I’m pooped.

This weekend, the Emerald City was visited by none other than living rockstar, Jacky Dustin, lead singer of the August.  Nashville can’t have all the fun.

She and her friend were here to surprise another friend for her birthday, and I tagged along on some sightseeing, then to a couple spots in West Seattle on Friday (where, inevitably, there was Karaoke), and finally to LoFi on Saturday night for Emerald City Soul Club Weekender (yeah, I don’t know) where much dancing, drinking and enjoyment of phenomenal soul records occurred.  Plus, Duck Ugly was out there, under a tent, screen printing shirts on demand.  Because, why not?

If I’ve learned one thing in the past five days, it’s that Seattle has a lot to offer.  If I’ve learned two things, it’s that I need new shoes.  Goddamn, my feet hurt.

If I’ve learned three things… no, two is enough.

I think the best part of this long weekend (including the previously blogged ‘lovely days’) was that it afforded me a variety of opportunities to talk with new people, and these conversations reminded me of the true purpose of this project.  I enjoy listening to other people’s stories, especially the details that explain how they came to be where they are now. 

You won’t really know a person by asking them what they do for a living or what music they like, or even if they believe in God or not.  The true picture of a person comes into focus when you hear their story about passing out piss-drunk in the snow or the childhood vacation where the family got lost in the woods. Their sense of humor in the telling, their attention to specific details, those are the revealing character bits that say much more than demographic details ever can.

We are the sum of our memories, not our census forms.

For tonight, I’m going to enjoy the opportunity to have a relaxing night in, maybe kick this cough I’ve got brewing, and enjoy some House (what?  It’s not a great show anymore, but Hugh Laurie and Sean Leonard are still bringing the gold.)

But as my year here progresses, I’m anticipating further exploration of Seattle and sharing more stories over whiskey or beer (and pizza, if someone feels like buying).

(Safe travels, rockstar.)

5 thoughts on “A Friendly Visit

    • Is it the same thing? My impression was that this was a once a year event. Maybe I’m wrong…

  1. Wow. I totally AM a rockstar. Seeing as I was mentioned in this blog like 3 times!! WOO HOOO! I had an AWESOME time hanging out with you Joseph, as usual. I always enjoy your company and conversation, and am glad you had a good weekend with Lil and co. I cannot wait til next time. Oh and everyone at demos’ is jealous of me for seeing you. You’re loved, rockstar. =)

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