Random Video: Palo Alto

Apparently it’s Radiohead week around these parts, and that is A-OK with me.

The above video is taken from the documentary, “Meeting People Is Easy,” the Grant Gee flick in which he followed Radiohead on their world tour after the release and surprise success of world-changing opus, “OK Computer.”  (Yeah, I’m a fanboy.)

‘Palo Alto’ was originally titled ‘OK Computer’ and was recorded with the intention of appearing on the album but the Radio Heads soundly realized it didn’t fit the vibe of the album and left it as a B-side.  A wise choice, because if you know the album (if you don’t, for shame), you know that it just wouldn’t have had a natural spot on such an ideally sequenced work.

But that doesn’t make this a bad song.  It would have still sounded out of place on “The Bends,” yet it would have probably been a standout track.  Unlike my previous Radiohead Random Video post, this song has no chance of ever appearing on a proper album, and that’s just fine.  It exists in a time capsule where the fanatics like me can always have it.

(And if you haven’t seen “Meeting People…” I recommend it highly for anyone who has a deeper interest in the music world, regardless of your taste for Radiohead.  Unless, of course, you have epilepsy.)

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