First Thursdays and SAM

Seattle is one of many cities that participates in First Thursdays (or First Fridays), a once-a-month event when most art museums (and other assorted museums, as well) are free to visitors.  It’s a brilliant idea and one I’ve been meaning to take advantage of since my first day here in the city.

Today was my first opportunity.  I chose to visit the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) as it had been calling to me since the first day I walked this city.  There are plenty of other museums and exhibits to visit and I plan on using the next 8 First Thursdays that I have left to take advantage of them.  But today it was all SAM.

Had I known that photography was welcome in the museum, I would have taken a better camera (I seem to be saying that a lot this year), but I had to make do with my phone’s camera.

SAM is one of the larger art museums that I’ve been to outside of New York City, and it does a nice job of mixing mediums and styles.  There are some pretty interesting exhibits that can’t be conveyed effectively in a photograph (though I tried), like a video wall of silhouetted birds flying back and forth, and a nice collection of portrait photography that I especially enjoyed (photography in general is always going to catch my eye).

It was a pleasant couple hours spent in the museum, and despite it being free and there being a considerable number of large groups there taking advantage of the price, I never felt crowded or rushed.  Being able to meander through a museum at my own leisurely pace is always a bonus.

Overall, the exhibits were an excellent mix of classical and contemporary art, with works from all over the world.

Seattle Art Museum:  Recommended.

Until next First Thursday…