(First) World Problems

I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy
not exactly like that
but I am drawn to the poor, dirt faces of the migrant class, their sad and pathetic lives,
the reason for being
being the reason for held hands, shorn lilies and fugues in D minor.
Now, I’m not saying it’s not okay
but I’m not saying it is, either
if we’re taking tallies of all the African nations in poverty and the rock bottoms
still left to hit
the diamond rings that cost lives and more money than I make in a year.
It’s not as if I’m suffering
not if I’m being honest
and I always have the triumphant memoirs of addicts, sex slaves and child soldiers
to remind me of living
even when living for today is a quiet, lonely and dull existence.
I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
it’s not my nature to complain
since I am confronted by the purple bruises on the bare skin of bloodied women
their lips swollen to kiss
those are their problems, and these, well, these are mine.

2 thoughts on “(First) World Problems

    • Thank you, that’s quite a review, haha. And, in response to your other comment, yes, a book is in the plans. Assuming I survive all 10 years.

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