Random Video: Writing To Reach You

Man, this song is morose.  The whole album is, really (it includes that classic of mopey rock, “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?”).  But I still love it, and how could I not?  A song called, “Writing To Reach You” by an ubër-sincere Brit-Pop band at the turn of the century?  It’s like it was crafted in a laboratory specifically for me.

Travis was never given sufficient credit for their sly wit, in my opinion, as their lyrics always had a throwaway line or two that were worth a second glance.  I love this line in particular:
The radio is playing all the usual
What’s a Wonderwall anyway?

A nice little dig at the powerhouse of Brit-Pop in the 90s, Oasis, while perhaps acknowledging that there was no hope of ever achieving that level of exposure.

It’s a song about being sad and lonely and hoping that words might help spark a connection.  So, yeah, if I dated or had a crush on you anytime between 1999 and, say, 2005, this song probably ended up on a mixed CD I made for you.

Happy New Year, and all that shit.