Seattle Snow Day

It snowed in Seattle last night, and some of today.  And this is apparently a rare bird for the folks up here, so the city almost completely shut down.  Being from the Midwest, the three inch blizzard that we had here amuses me.

But, whatever, do what you got to do.  The roommate and I took our respective cameras and shot pictures.

Here are mine.

And my personal favorite:

It looks like it’s going to ice and snow tonight, so I guess I should expect another day of dead Seattle.

And those of you east of here, cherish your unseasonably warm days while you have them, they aren’t going to last.

5 thoughts on “Seattle Snow Day

    • While I would agree that Seattle’s layout offers its own fair share of challenges, if you’re really trying to compare Seattle snow to Midwest snow, remember that the Midwest is more than Chicago (just as the East Coast is more than New York, Philly and DC). I grew up on hills (yes, in Kansas), and we got every kind of snow. Drifting snow, thick snow, dirty snow, pure ice… Put your average Seattlite in the Midwest during a snowstorm and they would be stuck in their homes for three months.

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