First Day of Spring Update

Hello fine people of the ether.

I haven’t written all that much lately, and I’m sure your days just haven’t been the same.  Here I am to provide a little update to sate that aching thirst in your soul.

After a rough few months known as “winter” where unexpected unemployment (thanks, Levi’s) and Seattle’s infamous grey days had schemed to knock me off course, March has largely redeemed this year.

Friends lined me up with some temporary employment working on the construction of a bathroom in a private residence.  Of the many (many) jobs I’ve had, construction has never been one of them and it was a pleasurable couple of weeks learning some new skills and getting my hands dirty (well, relatively dirty).  As has been my occasional luck throughout my seven years on this project, when that job was over, I landed myself another part-time job, valeting at a nearby hotel.  Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve never been a valet before, either.  Seattle is the year of new occupational experiences, that’s for sure.

And then, immediately after landing the valet position (admittedly, not one I was all that fond of), I was hired by another company, a cruise line with multiple positions in my realm of expertise: Waiting tables, retail, general customer service and catering.  The work is fun, the people are cool and the setting is unique.  It will be a lot of work, especially once the tourist season begins, which is perfect because I’m on the other side of the hill here in Seattle and everything is rolling towards my next move, New Orleans.

March also brought with it my first television interview which aired on King 5 News here in Seattle, the local NBC affiliate.  This was the first bit of press the project received since October, so it truly does seem like the world conspired to send me into forced hibernation through the winter months.

But it’s the first day of Spring, the weather is… well, it’s Seattle, the weather is still pretty much crap, but there are rays of sun through the clouds and mornings that start cold, wet and windy often turn into warm, sunny and windy afternoons.

Looking ahead, I have just over five months here in Seattle, with plenty more to see.  I’d like to make a trip to both Portland and Vancouver, though finances and timing will probably make me pick one or the other.  I would love to get out and visit Mt. Rainier.  And then there are still countless spots here in the city that I have left to explore.  As usual, I’m sure I’ll leave the city with plenty of missed opportunities, but c’est la vie.  Well, my life at least.

And I’ve yet to get my Seattle tattoo.  I know the phrase I’ll be having inked, have known for quite some time, and am just waiting for the right moment to get it.  Probably after my first major paycheck from the new job, which means the first week of April I’ll be looking for a shop to get the work done.  Suggestions?

This is my life on the first day of Spring.  A bit wild, still uncertain but ripe with possibilities.  Man, if only there was a metaphor for that…


2 thoughts on “First Day of Spring Update

  1. Weather here on the east coast has been very Seattle-like for our first day of spring, as well, generally overcast and murky, but maybe a tad warmer than you’ve got. Glad that March has things looking up for you. I envy your 10-year plan – what an adventure! Hope you squeeze everything worth doing or seeing out of Seattle while you’re there.

    • I’m gonna try. There’s never enough time to do everything worth doing.

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