A Wine Tasting

Did you know that Washington is the second largest wine producing state in the country, after California?

You did know that?  Oh.  Well, bet you didn’t know that Chateau Ste Michelle is the 9th largest wine company in the world.

You knew that too?  Damn you internet, you know everything!

Then fine, I won’t waste your time with all the fascinating things I learned on my tour through Woodinville Wine Country, Home of the World’s Largest Ball of Goat Cheese.  I totally just made that up.

Instead, pictures.  And, if after you’ve seen these lovely shots, you decide you want to know more about Washington’s wine history, well, too bad.  You shouldn’t have been such a know-it-all in the first place.

The Exhibit

Wineries visited:
Chateau Ste Michelle,
Facelli Winery
JM Cellers

And for good measure:
Woodinville Whiskey Co.