5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 8/17/12

[I have just about two weeks left here in Seattle.  Here are 5 songs I’m loving as I prepare to leave, yet again.]

Fun. – Why Am I The One

This is one of those bands that is going to get some serious backlash.  I was already loving a song from their debut album when their big hit single, “We Are Young” blew up all over the place (or so I’m told; I’ve still never seen the commercial it’s featured in).  After hearing random tracks here and there I finally just broke down and bought the damn thing.  I have really dug it (besides for middling track, “It Gets Better” which I skip most times through), and this is just one of my favorites.  I guess it sort of resonates, what with that chorus line, “Why am I the one always packing up my stuff?”  I haven’t gotten that feeling I’m right where I belong, but I will someday.  Right?

When Saints Go Machine – Kelly

I first came across this song on a blog discussing a bunch of “overlooked” songs.  Most of the stuff on there was pretty forgettable, overlooked for a reason.  But this song submerged itself into my head from first listen and it’s only gotten deeper as the months have progressed.  The video has a tinge of one of those uncomfortable little girl beauty pageant shows, but I appreciate that it’s telling a story and it’s doing so with nothing more than dance and facial expressions.  That shouldn’t be so unusual considering the medium, yet it is.  (It also helps that the narrative of this video resembles my all time favorite short story, Tennessee Williams, “The Resemblance Between a Violin Case and a Coffin.”)

Jack White – I’m Shakin’

I’ve always been the kind of fan of the White Stripes where I like their music more in theory than I actually listen to them.  I just don’t listen to straight up rock all that often, it’s something I have to be in the mood for.  So, consider myself surprised by just how addicting Jack White’s solo album, Blunderbuss, has been for me.  There are a lot of great songs on it, but this particularly track is just such a swingin’, groovy stomper.  No wonder this guy crafted a dance for it.  Maybe there’s an official music video for the song out there, but honestly, it’s not going to top this.

The Shins – Bait and Switch

Here’s another song off of yet another album that I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised by.  It’s not that I’m shocked to like a Shins album (Chutes Too Narrow and Wincing The Night Away get serious spins on my computer), but it’s just so rare that a band can disintegrate like the Shins did and then be reassembled with almost all new parts and still maintain the charm and craft of the original line-up.  Credit James Mercer for that.  And while I know there are those indie purists out there who think the Shins haven’t done anything good since Oh, Inverted World, I couldn’t agree less.  In fact, if anything, their debut is the one album of theirs I almost never listen to.  As concerns Port of Morrow, “Bait and Switch” is a stand out track, but the whole album is worth a listen.

Danyew – Streetlight

Classic Christian Crossover Pop Song.  Bury a Jesus-loving theme in a song that could just as easily be a boy-girl (or boy-boy) love song.  It’s such an old trope that South Park based an entire episode around it.  But, every once in awhile the song is just so damn catchy that it can’t be denied.  And, let’s be honest, there is no reason to think this song isn’t just a bombastic love song.  It’s got an insane hook and a massive chorus, and hell, there are even some “hey hey”s thrown in for good measure.  This song was built to play over the climatic scene of some indie love flick.  Let the Christians have this win.  (Sorry for the crap quality video/sound, apparently this guy doesn’t have much of a publicist.)

Bonus Track:

Big Boi (ft Andre 3000) – Lookin’ For Ya (Jedi RMX)

From what I understand, due to contract issues with OutKast’s label, this song was never officially released.  Well, it exists and it’s out there on the interwebs for us to consume, and that’s a good thing.  Andre kills his guests verses (no surprises there), the beat is insatiable and Big Boi proves that there exists no weak link in the OutKast chain.  This is the best OutKast single never released on an album.