“Always Ask ‘how?” Final Guest blogger #6: Lyttleton

This young woman is about to begin 8 Cities in 8 Years. Here is something I wrote on the eve of her lift off, a brief description of the struggles I’ve faced throughout my own journey.

Never Ask "What If?"

Today’s entry is from Lyttleton, and it relates to the mental illness category. Specifically Bi-Polar.

As most of you know, Lyttleton is one of my favorite bloggers. Partly because he just finished his 10 cities 10 years journey and has been an amazing help to me. He’s given me so much advice and is extremely humble. I initially wrote about him here. If you’d like to visit his blog -Which I know you will after this – you can click here. He also has a book entitled “The Road So Far.” and you can buy it here! Next month I’ll be purchasing it as a gift to myself for my 22nd birthday. His guest blogger entry is well written, relatable, and contemplative. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


House’s Head

I wanted to be Dr. Gregory House. Sherlock Holmes, perhaps. I wanted to believe in the…

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