My Left Shoe

A Repost. “My Left Shoe” was originally published in Waterhouse Review.

Ryan Gosling’s left shoe
is made of gold and dipped in chocolate
and if sold
will save the orphanage.
My left shoe
is worn through the heel and reeks
of chicken grease and stagnant mop water
and if I were an orphan
I’d think Ryan Gosling was a saint.
My abs lack definition and my
can’t cut glass when I smile
so I’m happy there’s a Ryan Gosling
to carve the stainglass windows
of the cathedral
which overlooks the orphanage.
These children need something to look up to
and if it wasn’t the Holy Father
in his bedazzling display of light
they’d have nothing to believe in
besides Ryan Gosling’s left shoe.
And what sort of faith is that,
putting a man on such a pedestal?

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