Madrid in Black and White

Continuing on a theme I’ve been focusing on for the past month, I’ve been walking about with my camera (an Olympus) again, this time photographing my current home, Madrid, and “developing” the images in black and white.



Black and white photography was my first love, as I would bet it was for many photographers who started in the days before digital. I still have some of my old negatives from back in those early high school days, though I can’t imagine for the life of me what I would ever do with them.

Digital photography is particularly effective for capturing bright colors and creating brilliant images, but those same details can be put to great effect when working within a monochromatic scheme. At least, that’s the hope.

Madrid offers all variety of eye-pleasing views, and the fact that it’s sunny here almost every day means shooting in natural light, my personal preference, is usually an option.

These three photos illustrate essentially my three current modes of development. The first has the detail accentuated, which gives the water a cool, crisp texture, but also leads to the sky looking like it were being ripped open by unseen forces. The third image has had the detail minimized, focusing more on the contrast of light and shadow. The second image seeks to strike a balance.

I like all three images for different aspects, but also have my issues with all three. That’s the fun of photography, there’s always a way to improve, always a better image just waiting to be captured.

I’m striving always to see the world with a photographer’s eye. Life’s more fun that way.

And since I’ve got you, here is a teaser from another model shoot I’m still editing. Hopefully I’ll post the final results soon.

Bridge (BW)

For my American readers, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving this week. For my part, I’ll be doing my best to arrange an expat’s Lost Soul Thanksgiving here in Madrid.