Korčula, Croatia

A week spent in Korčula, Croatia is a brilliant way to capture amazing travel photography, while getting spectacular nature shots as well. In addition to drinking beer, eating local cuisines, and going for daily swims in the Adriatic Sea, we also visited some of the smaller islands that are in the vicinity of Korčula, including Badija where there is a Franciscan Monastery, and Vrnik where we enjoyed Croatian “fast food” at Škoj.

Croatia is definitely one of those places where a photograph can’t truly capture everything that makes it special, but hopefully these few images give you a taste of what it’s like. One of the main reasons it has remained so beautiful is the country has barred private development of the beaches, so there is not excessive pollution or overdevelopment. Hopefully that will remain the case for a few more decades, at the very least.

If it’s ever a possibility, I highly recommend you check out Croatia – Korčula, in particular – and see some of the bluest seas you will ever experience.

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