Yahweh’s Children: Available Now

The day is finally here. Yahweh's Children is available to purchase.

“The Question” Published in Crack the Spine

It's been some time since I was last able to post something of this nature, but I have a new short story available today in the latest issue of Crack the Spine, an online magazine that also publishes quarterly print anthologies. You can check out the latest issue here: Issue 137 or skip directly to … Continue reading “The Question” Published in Crack the Spine

Unreliable Perspectives

I wish more movies and books in the popular canon indulged in unreliable perspectives. While common wisdom claims this is the generation of irony, earnest narrators and protagonists remain quite in vogue. There is nothing wrong with sincerity, and in fact I frequently prefer it to irony which in the hands of lesser artists is nothing more than a feeble cover for having nothing to say. But fiction (and non-fiction, for that matter) benefits from a willingness to suggest, “Here’s one perspective, but it’s just one of many, and maybe it’s not even a very good one.”

The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

The remnants of a two dollar ale splattered Aaron’s Tom’s hoodie with the red kiss of Margot Susan messy and regretful on his cheek.We had spent a week preparing him for this, and then, seeing her with Skip Mark, plans went to shit, he lost his temper and all sense of proportion.  He’s lucky it … Continue reading The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

F&@king Censorship

Mark Twain is a hero of mine. I don't use the word 'hero' often and usually not without sarcasm.  But, I genuinely mean it, I believe Twain to be the consummate American novelist, the greatest celebrity of his time while being giddily contrarian and openly antagonist of religion.  A true role model, you might say. … Continue reading F&@king Censorship