Fiction is often the best Fact

"More or less…and this qualifier is the essence of what, for no particular reason, I’ve decided to call Gonzo Journalism. It is a style of “reporting” based on William Faulkner’s idea that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism—and the best journalists have always known this."

and tonight this letter is my last hope.

I got my NOLA tattoo yesterday. I found a parlour down on Magazine called Idle Hands, strolled in with my bit of text printed on a paper and in no time the quick and cordial Flex Wenger whipped up my 12th (or 13th, depending on how we're counting) tattoo. Not only was the experience fast … Continue reading and tonight this letter is my last hope.

They do not move

ESTRAGON:Wait! (He moves away from Vladimir.) I sometimes wonder if we wouldn't have been better off alone, each one for himself. (He crosses the stage and sits down on the mound.) We weren't made for the same road. VLADIMIR:(without anger.) It's not certain. ESTRAGON:No, nothing is certain. Vladimir slowly crosses the stage and sits down … Continue reading They do not move