10 Years On: Revisiting Illinois

On the verge of a new release, "Carrie & Lowell", which promises to be a return to Sufjan Stevens' folkier side, this is the perfect time to give "Illinois" the ol' 10 Year revisit.

Class Warfare: Addendum

I wrote this piece a few days back about the so-called "Class Warfare" of Obama's new proposed tax increases. I think it rang true for a lot of people, but there are those who disagree and I think their view is summed up in this opinion piece in the Washington Post by ultra-Conservative, German tool, … Continue reading Class Warfare: Addendum

10 Years On: Revisiting Gold

With about a month before the release of Ryan Adams’ first new album since the unimpressive Cardinals team up, “Cardinology,” I think it’s well worth looking back at the album that truly initiated Ryan’s solo career almost exactly ten years ago, “Gold.” While his technical first (and still best) solo album was “Heartbreaker,” “Gold” often … Continue reading 10 Years On: Revisiting Gold

10 Years On: Revisiting Kid A

There are great albums.  There are seminal albums.  There are divisive albums.  There are underestimated albums. Radiohead's Kid A manages to be all of them in one mesmerizing album. 10 years is an interesting vantage point.  Sure, it's an arbitrary period of time that stands out only because we evolved relying on a base ten … Continue reading 10 Years On: Revisiting Kid A