A Face for Radio

Well, a little more press to mention.  I swear to God this blog isn’t going to turn into a depository for news clippings.  I will get back to writing about drunks and strangers I meet on the bus, soon.

But this is what’s going on in  my life right now, and this is a blog (sorry about that), so I feel this is pertinent.

I did a radio interview early this morning for local Seattle station 97.3 KIRO and they’ve now posted the full interview online with both the audio and the video (how dense am I?  I didn’t even realize they were videoing).  You can hear and see it all, along with a brief write-up, right here:

Seattle seventh on man’s quest to live in 10 cities in 10 years

The story says I’ve been here in Seattle for 3 months, while you, my loyal readers (all ten of you) know that I’ve only been here a month.  Just a typo, nothing to worry about.

Video below.  Now you know what I look and sound like.  Nope, I’m not black.