New York City: Final Thoughts on the Big Apple

I've lived in Brooklyn, worked in Manhattan, rarely been to Queens, coasted through the Bronx, and touched my toes on Staten Island. I've had one experience of the city, and it is hardly representative. But it is still authentic.

BARchetypes: The One Who’s Gonna Die Here

It's been some time since I wrote 1 of these, but seeing as I'm in my last month, I figured I'd bring back this feature for an appropriate send off. Bar regulars are a varied lot. There are the assholes and the loners, but somewhere in between sits the patron saint of all drunks: The … Continue reading BARchetypes: The One Who’s Gonna Die Here

Boston: Final Thoughts on Bean Town

Welp, the time has come for my annual tradition (of which I have many). Just as I gave my impressions of Nashville, Seattle and New Orleans, it's time to give Boston it's very own report card. As usual, I must give my caveats about subjective experience and the limits of any person to fully experience … Continue reading Boston: Final Thoughts on Bean Town

Seattle: Final Thoughts on Emerald City

Perhaps I set a dangerous precedent last year when I offered my final thoughts on Nashville.  I don’t want to get bogged down in comparing cities and ranking them, as that isn’t the point of 10 Cities / 10 Years. Yet, here I am, in my last days in Seattle, and I feel I’d be … Continue reading Seattle: Final Thoughts on Emerald City

BARchetypes: The Alcoholic Writer

Any bar worth its salt has a writer-in-residence.  Not necessarily a talented writer, not necessarily a popular writer.  Just a guy who puts words to paper (or screen; writing on the page is sexier, though).  He's at the bar for the liquor.  He might tell himself he's there for a change of scenery, or for … Continue reading BARchetypes: The Alcoholic Writer