Whiskey in Seattle

Well, I'm here. And I've been walking a lot.  Even when my knee starts to hurt and I can feel the swelling inside, I keep walking.  There's too much to see and my insatiable thirst for 'new' just keeps me going.  I've probably walked 10 to 15 miles in the past three days here, and … Continue reading Whiskey in Seattle

Nashville: Final Thoughts on Music City

Here I am, my last week in Nashville. And what's the one question I've been asked the most throughout my time here? "How does Nashville compare to the other cities you've lived in?" It's an understandable question.  If you're a native Nashvillian, you have a vested interest in knowing how your hometown stacks up to … Continue reading Nashville: Final Thoughts on Music City

A Critical Comparison of Gymnasts, One-Legged and One-Eyed: An Eisegesis

She was a pretty little chick, living on his arm, blonde and brunette in the same breath. He accused her of believing in God and silenced the room like blasphemy and this was the woman he kissed. But she was just a woman and still a viable target for his scorn. “Do you know what … Continue reading A Critical Comparison of Gymnasts, One-Legged and One-Eyed: An Eisegesis

BARchetypes: The guy without a clue

Where Should I Move Next? Perhaps you know this scene: Stunning girl, long hair, sharp features, small figure, taut breasts, a glaze of early-20-something disinterest over her eyes. A guy.  Doesn't matter what he looks like or what he's got, doesn't matter if he's Brad Pitt or Paul Giamatti, Mark Zuckerberg or Ghandi; he's just … Continue reading BARchetypes: The guy without a clue

BARchetypes: Fighty McFights-A-Lot

If you spend much time in bars (and why wouldn't you?), you've likely seen one of the great traditions of the drinking scene:  The Bar Fight. You might not have been directly involved, maybe never even saw a punch thrown, but you've likely witnessed the testosterone display known as The Raging of the Drunks (or … Continue reading BARchetypes: Fighty McFights-A-Lot

BARchetypes: Pabst Drunk

There are many reasons to go see a band live in concert.  To share in a raucous, communal experience.  To hear your favorite music in a new setting.  To bang the skinny chick with the star tattoos on her wrists.  All valid reasons. One reason probably not high on your list:  To have the lyrics … Continue reading BARchetypes: Pabst Drunk