The Roots of 10 Cities: Calvin & Hobbes

The first Calvin and Hobbes strip appeared on November 18, 1985. I was two-years-old. The final, poetic strip appeared on December 31st, 1995. I was twelve. When you're considering the prominent years for the development of a sense of humor and worldview, the first ten years of one's conscious life have to be pretty damn important.

Entitled Salvation: How Cartoons Saved the World

An amazing thing happened over this past weekend.  Child abuse was ended forever.  I know! It's hard to believe, but it's true. Go ahead, try and abuse a child.  You can't do it.  The Pure and Just force of the Internet is stopping you. When the internet first came into being, this is the sort … Continue reading Entitled Salvation: How Cartoons Saved the World