The End (of my year in Seattle) Is Nigh Whew! 365 days can sure fly.  I have less than two weeks until I move from Seattle to New Orleans, exactly a week until my last day of work and not enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to do before I left … Continue reading Friends

Welcome To Emerald City

I'm here. I don't have internet connection in my apartment yet,  so this will be brief.  I spent a few fun days in Chicago seeing old friends again and walking miles upon miles throughout the city, walking in my old footsteps, scrolling through my memories like shots on a digital camera. But now I'm here … Continue reading Welcome To Emerald City

Thoughts during an illness.

I'm flu-ish and on medicine and I thought of writing this post while I was unable to sleep last night, so let's hope it manages to stay coherent.  If not, enjoy the ride. (Some fitting musical accompaniment for this post.) Ever since I've been on my own, starting with my freshmen year of college, there … Continue reading Thoughts during an illness.