The Top 10 Phony Outrages of 2013

Every year, countless happenings stir up unrest or anger in some contingent of the population, and pretty much invariably, that outrage is stupendously out of proportion to the actual offense. That's human nature. Nothing makes us feel more alive than being offended. This year, though, there has been an abundance of offense that seems, well, phoney.

Original Christmas Song Lyrics

It's no big secret that I am not a fan of Christmas music.  You probably just chalk that up to me being a regular ol' Scrooge, but the truth is that my main complaint against modern Christmas songs is that they have been so Americanized or edited for maximum 'consumer appeal' that they've lost most … Continue reading Original Christmas Song Lyrics

The Worst Christmas Songs

or Bah Humbug II: Pig in the City I don't celebrate Christmas, a holiday I find irredeemably Capitalist.  It's a celebration completely disconnected from the supposed 'reason for the season', Jesus Christ, a largely (perhaps, completely) mythologized man whose purported teachings were always against the accumulation of possessions.  So how do we celebrate his birth … Continue reading The Worst Christmas Songs