This May: Spread The Love

For the month of May, let us refrain from negative criticisms. Instead, let's focus on the positive and #SpreadTheLove.

Critical Thought (Part 2)

In a previous post I touched on why I believe art criticism is important, and why real criticism is being swallowed by petty mudslinging, largely thanks to the free-for-all that the internet's open doors have created. Well, it was Part 1, so you knew there would be a Part 2. My interest in this post … Continue reading Critical Thought (Part 2)

Critical Thought (Part 1)

"Any criticism we get is always stuff we´ve already criticised ourselves. If you read one bad review and a hundred good ones, the bad one always seems to make more sense to you." ~ Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead - Meeting People Is Easy Recently, a couple of my older poems have seen a lot of … Continue reading Critical Thought (Part 1)