Extranatural: How Intelligent Design Hopes To Reclassify ‘God’

Ex-tra-nat-u-ral: Adj. - 1. Any explanation for unexplained phenomenon that is a possibility in nature, yet so outside the realm of normal human experience and scientific discovery that it is highly improbable.  2. A method of explaining the Supernatural as an aspect of the Natural. Let’s discuss the idea of God A Designer as a … Continue reading Extranatural: How Intelligent Design Hopes To Reclassify ‘God’

Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago

It was a sunny, 80° day here in Chicago, so to the Zoo we went. (On an unrelated note, today marks exactly 5 years that I have been on the road, so to speak.  5 Cities in 5 Years, and 5 to go.) Enjoy some animals, wild and otherwise.

Science is Fun(damental)

We went to the California Academy of Science Museum yesterday, something I've been wanting to do all year. There is nothing quite like going into a science museum, a feeling even the amazing New York Guggenheim Art Museum doesn't match. It's a truly pure and matchless learning experience, no matter what age, and a great … Continue reading Science is Fun(damental)