One Hundred Days

A New Journey: A little chaos can be exhilarating, to be sure, but living without any parameters, well, that’s frankly terrifying.

Making it through: Surviving the Great Recession on opioids and vodka

Chapter IV: It's hard to express just how disastrously those first months in San Francisco went for us, but consider this: we moved to one of the priciest cities in the world in the month that economists have identified as the nadir of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. So, not great.

The View from Outside the World

Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. Terror is the most basic response to what is going on the world, but compassion should be as well. Empathy and a desire to understand, these should be just as powerful emotions within all of us or our world will continue to deteriorate. We can't keep pretending that just because something happens on the other side of an imaginary line that we won't be impacted.

Fear Itself

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt Some words are so profound and relevant in their uttering that they almost immediately lose meaning by their dissemination. Nothing is more detrimental to truth than putting it in the hands of the masses for the purposes of easy digestion. Franklin … Continue reading Fear Itself

Go do, you’ll know how to: Just let yourself give in to the floodtide

The process can be a difficult one. Here I am, just over two months out from my next move, and I am floating in that nebulous place yet again. I need to find an apartment in Nashville, without actually being able to see any apartments ahead of time (outside of what photos the landlords might … Continue reading Go do, you’ll know how to: Just let yourself give in to the floodtide