Song of the Year

It's that time of year again.  Year End Lists time.  Rolling Stone does it, Pitchfork does it, the New York Times, Washington Post and NPR all do it.  Time Magazine does it in spades. We've come to the arbitrary end of 2011, and so now it's time to unfurl the lists of the best (and … Continue reading Song of the Year

5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 11/26/11

Alex Winston - Locomotive Sounding like a female-fronted Passion Pit, this song has insidiously drilled itself into my head.  One of the few songs that plays at work and doesn't drive me  nuts (especially at this time of the year), I can listen to this over and over again.  Plus, the repeated refrain, "I wish … Continue reading 5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 11/26/11

5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 01/20/11

Passion Pit - Little Secrets Yeah, some people hate this guy's voice, and I get it. It was a turnoff for me, too, initially, but the music of Passion Pit is simply too addictive and joyous, while also having a subtle hint of darkness underneath. Just as all good dance music should. The Decemberists - … Continue reading 5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 01/20/11