The Roots of 10 Cities: Calvin & Hobbes

The first Calvin and Hobbes strip appeared on November 18, 1985. I was two-years-old. The final, poetic strip appeared on December 31st, 1995. I was twelve. When you're considering the prominent years for the development of a sense of humor and worldview, the first ten years of one's conscious life have to be pretty damn important.


Search Terms

Thanks to a healthy bit of publicity, October was the second busiest month for my blog (the busiest month was due to a certain Scientology-related skirmish that drew out a horde of Atheists). One of the niftier aspects of WordPress is that it allows me to see what words and phrases people are searching for … Continue reading Search Terms

Have you ever heard the one about…

*** WARNING *** THIS POST IS NSFW *** THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE *** THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR FUCKING PUSSIES *** (I'm letting you know early, just so you're safe, you precious flower.) The recent brouhaha over at NBC concerning The Tonight Show (with Conan O'Brien; as it should … Continue reading Have you ever heard the one about…